The legal lumping pioneers


With Universal Chain, Inc as your 3PL Supply Chain partner you get exclusive Labor Market Flexibility, Seamless Inbound Logistics, and Full-Service Software Applications backed by 40 years of hands-on experience. As we continue our mission towards employee ownership, our company remains committed to being part of your solution, laser-focused on responsiveness, service execution, and consistently delivering measurable results. In a time when acquisitions soar and investment groups pursue the bottom line, we’ve upheld our distinguished reputation and stayed true to our customer first values, all while leading the industry with value-to-cost.

Each of our signature services is unique in the industry and tailored to jumpstart your results. Better yet, these services are all included in our unloading rates:

  • Turnkey startup plans that streamline the transition from Day 1 — just flip the switch
  • Best-in-industry talent — experienced freight handlers trained in efficiency and safety
  • Management services complete with full on-site logistics
  • Full analysis team and custom / ad hoc reporting through our state-of-the-art financial programs
  • Comprehensive PayLumpTM financial transaction system with cashless policies, dashboards, scorecards, and centralized funds
  • Software customization to meet your individual needs, including a dedicated data warehouse built for all your facilities to ensure accountability and standardize your unloading information

It's this authentic "boots-on-the-ground" approach that our clients depend on. It's no wonder so many of our clients call us their competitive advantage. Together, we're certain we can create great results.

Our people make the difference

Getting to know this business takes time, so we invest in our people. We work hard to attract and retain talented, committed employees. The result is a well-organized, highly trained, fully equipped, safety-minded, and extremely focused team that delivers results that go beyond expectations. Every member of our executive and management team has worked first-hand on the dock — even our owner. It's just another thing that makes us different.

In an industry where workforce training and screening are often neglected, we've gathered a fully-screened, highly motivated, and union-free lumping workforce ready to produce results for you.




Startup Team

Change happens smoothly when it's put in the right hands. From day one, a dedicated and experienced account manager will work with you to set the foundation for your improved operations — creating structured processes and the trained teams needed to implement them. After a comprehensive assessment, we will help you identify areas where the biggest gains can be made, then fine-tune them with a range of turnkey solutions tailored to your needs. And all changes are implemented in a timely manner to ensure the maximum level of stability with no disruption to your daily activities.

On-Site Team

What would it be like to have your docks managed down to the minute? Let us show you. Our decentralized plan of operations means we provide the best possible service to each and every warehouse, no matter where you are located or the size of your facility. What you get is a standardized, turnkey operation that is cost-driven and staffed with unloaders who understand the science of the perfect pallet. From beginning to end, our proactive On-Site Team knows which trucks are headed their way, what they're carrying, and when they're expected to arrive. When a truck pulls up to the dock, our team members are the first point of contact for the drivers, handling all the front line work. Paperwork is entered in our scalable, full-business system quickly, KPI are identified, and the process moves forward without delay.

Our services deliver dock flow, not just truck flow. Our freight handlers are on the Team Pay system — the only one like it in the industry — resulting in a faster unload that drives down the cost per truck, an even flow to the workload, and no congestion. Your on-site dock operations will become so effective that it will literally keep drivers off your dock and in their trucks.

Business Reporting and Analysis Team

Collecting data is essential in identifying opportunities, and inbound operations are rich in potential savings. Our Reporting and Analysis Team provides you with an unmatched window into your entire workflow — gate to gate, minute to minute. We crunch every last metric, assessing key data elements and defining value drivers to turn your data into meaningful, results-oriented reporting. Together, we can use it to highlight new potential efficiencies and cost savings.

Integration and Compliance Team

For comprehensive management of legal, financial, auditing, and internal controls, Universal Chain is the company you can rely on. We're a conservative-minded team of experts with an above-board, open-book policy that you can turn to for trusted management, sound banking policy, and E-Verify compliance.

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security
    Standard certified processor.